1 Lamp with 2 switches

Series 1 light 2 switch configuration is intended to control lights from two locations arefar apart. Application of series 1 light with 2 switches are often implemented in thehallway or tunnel. In the application in a hallway or tunnel, with a series like this we can turn on or turn off the light from each tunnel or hallway door. The number of lights can bereproduced by paralleling. The circuit is very simple because only built of 1 and 2pieces of fruit lamp selector switch. If you want to use a lamp with a power greater then the switch can be replaced with 1 piece contactor (relay) for each switch. Then switchused to turn on and turn off the relay replacement S1 and S2.

The working principle with 2 series 1 light switch is the light will light when the S1 and S2 different position, and the lights will be on at the time of the switch position S1 and S2 together. In the installation of switches S1 and S2 each put at the end of the hallway or tunnel.