Characteristic NiCad Battery Charger

The advantages of NiCad batteries are rechargeable and can be in physical shape with regular batteries so no need to modify its casing. In addition, if compared with NiCad Batteries ordinary batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, or better known as NiCad batteries, the resistance has on ordinary batteries (NiCad battery with a record of the condition is still good). NiCad batteries in the market today there are several options for its size, among other 700mAh NiCad battery or 1500 mAh.

The point is that these NiCad battery can supply current to the electronics equipment with current 700mA for 1 hour (for 700mAh battery). So if we use these 700mAh NiCad batteries for electronic devices that draw a current of 1 A, the NiCad battery can only last for less than 1 hour. The temperature of NiCad batteries also affect battery life. If the battery is too hot the battery will quickly run out due in part generated by the battery current is converted into heat.

Characteristics NiCad Batteries :
1. NiCad batteries must be filled with a large constant current.

2. The battery will be fully charged if it reaches 140% charge of the maximum charging the battery.

3. The variation of the battery voltage changes depending on the charging function and also depends on the temperature of the battery.

4. When charging has been completed then the temperature will rise quickly (heat rises quickly) so chager need to be turned off. Because if not turned off will cause the battery temperature will continue to rise and eventually will explode.