Digital basic logic gates

Digital basic logic gates, or often also called Boelan logic gates is a digital logic gate will output a logic 0 and 1 corresponds to the input received from each gate depends on the function logic. In the digital basic logic, there are 3 basic logic gates, ie AND gates, OR gates, NOT gates. Third this gate produces 4 next digital logic gates, namely: NAND gates, NOR gates, XOR gates, gate XAND.

AND Logic Gate
AND logic gate has the output formula AB = C, ie when both its inputs are not all the logic 1 output will be logic 0 and when both input logic 1 then the new output is logic 1.

OR Logic Gate
OR logic gate having an output summing function can be formulated A + B = C ie if one input is logic 1 then the output will be logic 1 and when both input logic 0 then the new output will be logic 0.

NOT logic gate
NOT logic gate or often also called inverting logic gates. NOT gate will output a value opposite of the input.