FM Signal Tracker

FM Tracker 1.5 Volt [Tracking Transmitter] uses the source voltage of 1-cell battery and 3.7 mA current consumption. FM tracer was prepared using the LM3909 IC and some supporting components. 1.5V FM trackers This will give an indication of revenue sources by providing signals emitted by the LED. When finished assembling FM tracking this 1.5V, then the next step is setting the working frequency of this FM tracker, for the sake of convenience we can use the help of an FM receiver and adjust the working frequency FM Tracer 1.5V (tracking transmitter) denagan how to set C3. Where has acquired an FM frequency trackers 1.5V (tracking transmitter) then the LED will light according to information transmitted by the transmitter as terdengan sound through the FM receiver. FM Tracer 1.5V (tracking transmitter) can use regular 12-inch antenna. Playing and learning electronics that mengasikan, 1.5V FM Tracking (tracking transmitter) is a good project to learn electronics.

Circuit FM Tracker 1.5 V [Tracking transmitter]

FM Signal Tracker
FM Signal Tracker

Series Description 1.5 Volt Tracking FM [Tracking Transmitter]
For stability, use a NPO types for C2 & C4.
Tolerance for R1 must be 1 or 2%.
Common frequency range is 87-109Mhz FM.
Email wire used in wire coil is made of 'hookup' 22 ga, such as solid Bell phone wire.