Serial to Parallel circuits

In creating an electronic device using a microcontroller, we often faced with shortages in ports for line I / O or LCD viewer. In the article series LCD with 74HC595 Serial To this there is a solution to overcome the lack of ports or pins of the microcontroller is to convert the parallel bus system such as the LCD into a serial sequence To Serial LCD with 74HC595 this. The series of LCD Serial To change the system of parallel bus into a serial LCD IC 74HC595 premises. 74HC595 IC on circuit Serial To this LCD is a digital IC that it functions as a serial to parallel shift register is equipped with a latch. With the functions of the IC 74HC595 parallel LCD bus system in enter in great numbers have turned into a serial of microcontroller and be a series of Serial LCD with 74HC595 for this. Now with a range Serial To LCD with 74HC595 for the microcontroller is expected no more stories lack the pin / port of the microcontroller in the manufacture of electronics equipment.
Serial to Parallel circuits

The series of Serial Line Specification For LCD with 74HC595
  • Clock as input clock of the microcontroller
  • Data as input data for the LCD display
  • Enable is the read data selector LCD mode or Disable
  • LED is a path to control LED LCD baground
  • Potensimeter on the LCD serves to adjust the LCD display bright
Hopefully helpful and inspiring in the case of lack of lane / port microcontroller to the viewer data.