Simple Light Switch

Light switch is a simple circuit that can be used to control the LEDs based on surrounding light. Sensors used to detect the light on this circuit using LDR Light Switches. This circuit uses only three transistors and a few supporting components. As a contactor for Light Switches lamp circuit uses relay. To set the sensitivity of the exposure can be adjusted by adjusting R7. Light Switches circuit uses a source of DC voltage 9-12 Volt. For more details can be viewed directly from the following series of images.

Light Switches Series
Simple Light Switch
Component List:
R1 4.7 K
R2 1.2 K
R3 2.2 K
R4 1.2 K
R5 1.2 K
R6 2.7 K
R7 100 K
C1 10 uF/16V
TR1 BC107-BC108
TR2 BC107-BC108
TR3 BC557-BC558
D1 1N4148